Life has a special flavor to those who fight for it,
that the sheltered never know.
    By an anonymous Marine in Vietnam after the seventy-seven day siege of Khe Sanh
Vietnam statistics: 13,067 Marines Killed in Action, 88,633 Wounded.


1968 - Chu Lai
Mike Kniespeck, ?, ?, ?.

1969 - Mike Kniespeck


Today, the world looks to America for leadership.
And America looks to its Corps of Marines.
          President Ronal Reagan



Chu Lai - Mike Kniespeck

Twin Brothers in Vietnam.
Martin (Marty) and Mike Kniespeck.


Remember that there is no substitute for performance of duty
whether you are a statesman or a fighting man and that there

must be character and integrity at all times.

Colonel Chesty Puller



1968 - Charlie McCoy

in Hoi An, Vietnam

1968 - Lt. Song, Charlie McCoy and Sgt Kim

at Command Center.  



1968 - SSgt Charlie McCoy with

Korean Marines BG Kim and Capt. ?.

Charlie McCoy, LtCol Schenning and Cpl. ?.  



1969 - Bill Gregory

after Operation Virginia Ridge.

Bill Gregory's home in Vietnam.  


March 1965 - Getting ready to land on Red Beach, Danang, Vietnam

Robert Howell, Bill Swaney, ?, James Taylor Jr., Clarence Whitehead  



Bill Swaney with an M60 on Hill 307, Danang  



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