Life has a special flavor to those who fight for it,
that the sheltered never know.
    By an anonymous Marine in Vietnam after the seventy-seven day siege of Khe Sanh
Vietnam statistics: 13,067 Marines Killed in Action, 88,633 Wounded.

John Darby near Chu Lai - 1969.



George Ayer on an M60 Machine Gun
in Vietnam - 1965

George Ayer (right)
in Vietnam - 1965


For the Marine Corps there is no peace.

Sergeant Edwin N. Demby, USMC; later Secretary of the Navy



1968 - Donald Fardink with Taddy near Da Nang.

1968 - Scout Dog handlers near Da Nang.
?, Ski-14, Donald Fardink, Bill Brown


1968 - Scout Dog Cemetery at Da Nang.


If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.

Thomas Paine




1968 - J.C. Hair with an
M60 Machine Gun on the DMZ.

1969 - J.C. "digging in".


Marines have "fighting holes" not "fox holes". Fox holes are for people who want to hide. Fighting holes are for people who want to fight.


1968 - J.C. Hair's HOOCH on Mutter's Ridge.


1969 - J.C. Hair ready to catch
that "Big Bird" back to the "World".



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