What Happens in Vegas goes on the Internet


Anita and Ted Vandeweghe 


Gloria Johnson and Sulie Bourque 


Eugene Chavez, Don Johnson, Gaudalupe Lopez 


At the Venetian Hotel / Casino


Kneeling: Gloria Johnson   Standing: Bill Gibney, Jennifer Johnson

Arlene Gibney, Don Johnson, Barbara and Bascombe Hughes  


Ready for a night of Gaming

Kathy and Sulie Bourque


The "Nightlights of Fremont Street" (old downtown Vegas)

Donald Johnson with fellow entertainers 



Gloria Johnson and Steven Batton

go for a ride 

Thanks Steve



Leon and Joan Tschepikiewski

at the Hoover Dam 

Ted and Anita Vandeweghe

at the Hoover Dam


Antique shopping in Boulder City

Leon and Joan Teschepikiewski and Ted and Anita Vandeweghe 



Las Vegas Marine Corps League Club 


Seated: Edwin Johnson, Donald Johnson, Ralph Slaughter, Bill Gibney.

First Row: Jim Romano, Leon Tschepikiewski, James Greene,

Dennis Kleiner, Eugene Chavez, Guadalupe Lopez. 

Back Row: Nathan Harper, Ted Vandeweghe, Bascombe Hughes,

Jimmy Newman, Bill O'Rourke, Sulie Bourque, Richard Ahern, Sal Sena.


Seated: Jim Romano, Melissa Cohern (bartender), Ralph Slaughter, Regina Johnson.

First Row: Anita Vandeweghe, Joan Tschepikiewski, Kathy Bourque,

Arlene Gibney, Linda Chavez, Ruth Harper, Frances Sena.

Back Row: Barbara Hughes, Laura O'Rourke


Playing Video Poker  


Jim Romano, Guadalupe Lopez, Bascombe Hughes (background), Eugene Chavez


Dennis Kleiner signing the Welcome Banner 


Bill Gibney and Edwin Johnson 


The Man, Sulie Bourque, and his music 


Leon (Ski) Tschepikiewski

 (background - Ruth Harper and Regina Johnson) 


Eugene Chavez, Bill and Laura O'Rourke, Jim Romano 


Ted Vandeweghe, Jimmy Newman, Joan Tschepikiewski, Eugene Chavez 


Melissa Cohen, ?, Nate and Ruth Harper, Leon Tschepikiewski 


Dennis Kleiner, SgtMaj Ralph Slaughter, Jim Romano


Sulie Bourque

(Joan Tschepikieski, Linda Chavez dancing with The Man)


Jim Romano, Bill Gibney, SgtMaj Slaughter (changing shirts)

Laura O'Rourke, Kathy Bourque (getting an eye-full)


Jim Romano and SgtMaj Slaughter (back under control)



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