Cozumel, Grand Cayman Island, Jamaica.

Kathy and Sulie Bourque


Barbara and Bascombe Hughes


Sal Sena and his dog.


The Gang at Lunch

Sulie Bourque, Sal Sena, Don and Gloria Johnson,

Barbara and Bascombe Hughes, Jennifer Johnson,

Kathy Bourque, Fran Sena, Ralph Slaughter


Fran and Sal in Cozumel, Mexico


In the Tender Boat - Kathy Bourque, Jennifer,

Don and Gloria Johnson, Fran and Sal Sena


Tortuga Rum Factory, Grand Cayman Island

Ralph Slaughter, Don Johnson, Sal Sena


Kathy Bourque on Seven Mile Beach,

 Grand Cayman Island


Barbara Hughes on Seven Mile Beach


Sal and Fran Sena in the town of Hell, Grand Cayman Island


Sal Sena at the Turtle Farm, Grand Cayman Island


Taking a break - Bascombe and Barbara Hughes,

Fran Sena, Kathy and Sulie Bourque


Barbara and Bascombe Hughes, Kathy and Sulie Bourque,

Arlene and Bill Gibney, Sal and Fran Sena


The girls at work - Kathy Bourque, Fran Sena,

Barbara Hughes, Jennifer Johnson



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