KENITRA (Mainside)

Headquarters Company



May, 1967 - LtCol Charles Bunnell re-enlisting SSgt Charlie McCoy.


Marines don't have "Irish Pennants".

1966 - Sgt Maj Robert Williams, Capt. R. W. Maddox
Mrs. Keller, SSgt. R.J. Keller (being promoted), LtCol. Charles Bunnell, Jr. 


1969 - Don Greene receiving his Purple Heart
from LtCol. Robert L. Zuern.


And when he gets to Heaven
To St. Peter he will tell:
"One more Marine reporting, Sir --
I've served my time in Hell."
            Sgt James A. Donahue First Marine Division


Salvatore Sena and Jimmy Newman
working on the gear.



1967 - Bascombe Hughes getting
ready for an Inspection.


Rich Ahern getting ready for Post.


1960 - Len Morrow standing the Main Gate at Mainside.



1966 - Purple Heart parade for Sgt Armando Gonzales.

To his left LtCol Charles Bunnell, SgtMaj R.W. Williams.

Paul Bigley carrying the guidon.




1967 - Training Royal Moroccan Marines to use an M60 machine gun.

Kneeling Pvt. Paul Lepage, Observing SgtMaj Robert Williams.

In background GySgt James Kelley.




1967 - 1st Class of Royal Moroccan Marines.




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