KENITRA (Mainside)

Headquarters Company



An invitation to the 1967 Marine Corps Ball.



191st Marine Corps Birthday Ball - 1966
?, ?, American Ambassador to Morocco, LtCol. Charles Bunnell,
Pvt. Sal Sena (the youngest Marine in the Battalion), MSgt. George Fey.

Marine Corps Ball tradition: The first two pieces of cake go to the oldest and the youngest Marines present.


1966 - Marine Corps Ball
Charlie McCoy and his wife. 

In the background are John Darby, Bob Burdick's back and ?.


The Army and the Navy are run like traditional military services.  The Air Force is run like a corporation, but the Marine Corps is a religion.

          Navy Admiral



1966 - Charlie McCoy's

  daughter getting a ride.

1966 - Charlie McCoy's

daughter and son all dressed up.


He who has the Rank controls the setting assignments.
SgtMaj Robert Williams in the middle of all the ladies.

Mrs. Williams is beside him.


Old Breed? New Breed? There's not a damn bit of difference
so long as it's the Marine Breed.
          LtGen Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller

Marine Corps Birthday Ball - 1967
?, ?, ?, John Darby, ?, ?.


Marine Corps Birthday Ball - 1967.
?, ?, ?, ?, Neta Rippee, Greg Brown, John Darby, ?, ?.


Marine Corps Ball - 1968
Nate Harper, George Weise, Donald Daczyk


Marine Corps Ball - 1968
Gary Justus, Frank Cutter, Sulie Bourque, Mrs. Fotinos, ?, CWO-2 Nicholas Fotinos, ?  


Marine Corps Ball - Rabat, 1968
Cpl James Simmons, Mrs. Helen Zuern, LtCol Robert Zuern 




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