KENITRA (Mainside)

Headquarters Company


The City of Kenitra, formally known as Port Lyautey, is located on the Sebou River at the Atlantic Ocean, just north of the Moroccan capital of Rabat. The City of Port Lyautey was established in 1912 and was used by the United States military during World War II. After Morocco gained its independence from France in 1956, Port Lyautey was renamed Kenitra. The United States military compounds at Kenitra, Sidi Yahia and Bouknadel were turned over to the Moroccan government on October 1, 1978. Gregory D. Brown, a Marine Corps Captain at the time, was in charge of closing the Marine Barracks in Morocco.


United States Naval Training Command (USNTC)
Kenitra (Port Lyautey), Morocco


1965 - Change of Command ceremony.
Major R.L. Fry, LtCol. Charles Bunnell (right) relieving LtCol J.S. Canton


To be a Marine you must believe in: yourself, your fellow Marines,
your Corps, your Country and your God.


1966 - Marine Barracks Officers

Capt. R.B. Gann, Maj. R.L. Fry, Capt. W.O. Day, LtCol. Charles Bunnell,

Capt. R.W. Maddox, Capt. E.G. Peters, Capt. R.B. Lewis


1966 Marine Barracks Staff NCOs

SSgt. C.F. Suarez, SSgt. J.A. Menart, SSgt. K.E. Maas, SgtMaj. Robert Williams,

GySgt. W.M. Heazlit, GySgt. V. Viscardi, SSgt. F.J. Lonetti


If you're Marine, you're "all" Marine
Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller


1966 - Navy Capt. F.R. More, LtCol. Charles Bunnell, SgtMaj Robert Williams


1967 - SgtMaj Robert Williams, LtCol. R.L. Zuern, SgtMaj R.C. Slaughter



Airport in Kenitra

SgtMaj Robert Williams,

smokin' that "stokee".

The worst thing that can happen to a man, is to have had the
opportunity to serve, and chose not to.

Color Guard - 1967
(Richard Ahern, Sgt. Philip Rippee, Dennis Kleiner, Guadaloupe Lopez)


Semper Fi. We live for what it stands for.
                Richard Ahern (U.S. Marine)


Sgt. Michael Welter

in Dress Blues

Al Labonte and Sherm Fields
all dressed up for a parade.

I can never see a United States Marine without experiencing a
feeling of reverence.
                                      General Johnson, U.S. Army


Sulie Bourque receiving a Meritorious Mast
from LtCol Robert L. Zuern in November, 1968

Richard Ahern at his best - 1967. 

Marines protect Democracy, they don't practice it.


Parade at Mainside

Parade at Mainside - Passing in Review



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