Our Families, thank God, are the strength of America.

The Charlie (Mac) McCoy Family



1978 - Charlie McCoy with his daughter,

son and wife in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

1995 - Charlie McCoy and his wife

in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Charlie's wife and their grandchildren.


The Gregory Brown Family

2001 - Greg, son Luke, Skip and wife Amelia.



Amelia and Greg's wedding.

Their son Luke.


Christmas 2003 - Skip, Amelia, Luke and Greg.


  The Sulie Bourque Family


New York City 2002 - Sulie and Kathy


The Guadalupe Lopez Family


2000 - Marine Corps Ball

Daughter Charlena, son Angel and Guadalupe Lopez



 The Donald Daczyk Family


2002 - Pam and Donald on a cruise.



The Jimmy (Jay) Z. Walley Family


1996 - Sara and Jay



2003 - Jay, Monico, Martin, and Sara





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