"I was privileged to lead the young men of 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, on Operation Medina in October 1967, and was truly impressed by how courageously they, and all of the men of Charlie Company and its attachments, fought in the face of overwhelming odds. Bootcamp may have turned them into Marines, but Medina made men out of all of us. During the protracted, close-combat which characterized Medina, the men of Charlie Company upheld the very highest traditions of Marines of earlier generations who had found themselves in harm's way in other wars. I can say without reservation that I feel honored to have served with those gallant and intrepid young men at a defining point in all of our lives. By their example, the men of Charlie Company inspired me to be the best platoon commander I could be!"

Jack Arden Ruffer, Palm Desert, CA - 28 August 1998

(Editor's note: Lieutenant Ruffer returned to serve with First Marines again ten years after Operation Medina as Regimental Operations Officer in 1977 and Regimental Executive Officer in 1978. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1981 then joined Apple Computer where he served as Group Human Resource Manager for the Accessory Products Group and as Senior Human Resource Manager for Apple's corporate headquarters until 1989. He was also a member of the mergers and acquisitions team for Apple and traveled in Europe and Asia as an international trouble-shooter for the company's overseas operations. He is now retired and living in the desert of southern California near Palm Springs.)